Puget Sound Area Attractions

There are many sights and activities that abound on Kitsap Peninsula. Located between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges near Seattle, the Kitsap Peninsula lies in the heart of Puget Sound surrounded by over 300 miles of saltwater shoreline. The area offers an eclectic collection of quaint and unhurried communities and endless recreational, cultural and scenic wonders.

The combination of Native American, Scandinavian, military and pioneer attractions, all within a one-hour radius, makes Kitsap an easy-to-tour destination rich in history and diversity. It's easy to see why we're one of the region's favorite getaway destinations.

For more information, please visit the Kitsap Peninsula Visitor & Convention Bureau

  • GolfGolf - World-class courses and uncompromising scenery; the Kitsap Peninsula offers golfers of all levels affordable and challenging golf vacations. Among your choices - three of Washington State's top five courses. Take your best shot at Alderbrook Golf & Yacht Club, Gold Mountain Golf Complex, McCormick Woods Golf Course, and Port Ludlow Golf Club.

  • Hiking & Biking - Stroll through an estate garden, walk a quiet beach at low tide, or take on the challenge of a hike on the endless trails on timber company property or in State Forests. The Kitsap Peninsula offers walks and hikes for all levels of condition, and all time commitments. Whether you're looking for a weekend challenge or an afternoon stroll, you'll find something on Kitsap to meet your needs. The Kitsap Peninsula offers opportunities for both touring and off road, mountain bike riding. Quiet backroads, small communities, and a wide variety of festivals, fairs and outdoor markets makes Kitsap an interesting place to explore on a bike. The timber company lands and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) properties give mountain bikers a challenge along with scenic rides.

  • Fishing - By boat or from shore, saltwater or fresh water, there is some terrific fishing available on the Kitsap Peninsula. Lake Fishing: Large-mouth bass is excellent in Long Lake, Kitsap Lake, Island Lake and Buck Lake. Long Lake has been the most consistent producer of Lunker Bass. Most county lakes contain rainbow trout, including Mission, Tiger, Panther and Wildcat Lakes. For additional information on lake fishing, visit washingtonlakes.com Saltwater Fishing: Visit the Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife web site or call them at (360) 902-2000 for regulations regarding popular Peninsula fishing locations.

  • Antiquing - The Kitsap Peninsula, with its winding back roads connecting the unique waterfront communities, is fun to explore and the diverse cultural history makes it a rewarding place to find antiques and other treasures. Just about every community on the peninsula has opportunities for antiquing, to make for the perfect day adventure.

  • Kayaking - Beginner or advanced, you'll find the appropriate kayaking challenge on the Kitsap Peninsula. With over 350 miles of saltwater shoreline, numerous bays and inlets, the beautiful Hood Canal and many small lakes, Kitsap is the perfect place to learn, or to plan a week-long kayaking adventure.

  • Scuba DivingScuba Diving - Octopus, crab, sea slugs -- a plethora of marine life lies just underwater off the Peninsula's miles and miles of shoreline. Diving is best during the winter when the water is clearer. Puget Sound boasts one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world and the geography around the Puget Sound basin fosters an extremely rich and unique underwater environment. Only those who take the plunge will see the vast variety of marine life and abundant color that is just off our beaches. Favorite dive spots include Manchester, Harper Pier, Illahee Dock, Fort Ward, Port Washington, the Narrows and Hood Canal.

  • Shellfish Gathering - Shellfish abound on the Kitsap Peninsula; Oysters, clams, and crab can be gathered as easily as picking them up off the beach, doing a little digging or perhaps setting out a trap - it's knowing where to find them. Shrimp, goeducks and others may take more work or skill, but whatever you go after, be sure to check the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website for rules, regulations, health warnings and closures. The web site also has maps showing some of the suggested locations for shellfish gathering. Shellfish HOTLINE: 800-562-5632. Be sure to respect private property when you gather shellfish, or access shellfish beaches. Some may be accessible only by boat.

  • Shopping - Shopping on the Kitsap Peninsula ranges from the Kitsap Mall, a single level, enclosed regional shopping center, housing 110 specialty shops, services and restaurants and large national chains to arts districts and antique shops. Many communities have "old town" areas on the water, filled with specialty shops and dining opportunities. Come stroll our many shopping areas - you'll find what you "need", that perfect souvenir, or gift.

  • Museums - The Kitsap Peninsula and its many communities are proud of their diverse history. Our museums range from military to local history, from bicycles, natural history and wine to logging and native tribes. Each community has a unique story to tell and welcomes you to come visit and explore their story . . .

  • WildlifeWildlife Viewing - Watchable Wildlife includes a wide array of animals from a bird at a backyard feeder to rarely-seen species that provide the dedicated viewer with a reward for hours of patient waiting. Raccoons, cougars, otters, deer, black bears and coyotes make their homes on the Kitsap Peninsula, but you're not likely to see them unless you go looking. You may see a deer or two, but you are far more likely to see our many bird populations, both resident and those that migrate through the area. We offer many parks where bird watching is likely to be successful, but just looking up you may see a Bald Eagle or Osprey soar overhead. Looking down, on the beach at low tide, you may see sea stars, sand dollars, clams, oysters and small microcosms caught in the tide pools. A variety of salmon return to area bays and streams each year and a rather large supply of sea lions spend hours sunning themselves, or fishing, along our shores. On occasion we are visited by Orcas (aka Killer Whales), both the local, salmon eating, resident pods that spend most of their time further north around the San Juan Islands, and on occasion, the transient, meat eating, pods that come in from the ocean. A few Gray Whales wander into Puget Sound each year and an occasional Humpback Whale has been seen.

  • WineWineries & Breweries - Washington State is well known for its wines and microbrews and the Kitsap Peninsula is no exception. With award winning wineries, locally grown grapes, and locally brewed beer, you'll find some fun places to tour, eat and purchase your favorite beverage.

  • Drives & Itineraries - By car, bicycle, horseback, motorcycle or on foot - you'll find a variety of itineraries and ideas for trips around the Kitsap Peninsula. Some are themed, such as history tours, others take advantage of our many ferry routes or include surrounding areas. Long or short, high energy or relaxing, you'll find a suggested way to see the Kitsap Peninsula.

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